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Learning Forward India (LFIN) is an affiliate of Learning Forward, one of the most significant professional associations globally; membership is open to anyone interested in professional growth and organisational development. We show you how to plan, implement, and measure high-quality professional learning so you and your team can succeed with your system, school, and students.

Learning Forward India Foundation partners with solution providers to offer tools designed to enhance professional learning for teachers, focusing on classroom learning and online collaboration. The Professional Learning Program helps educators use tech tools feature-rich to enhance teachers' professional knowledge. The desired goal is;  Awareness, Appreciation, and Adoption of edtech for better learning outcomes.

MarkSharks is an eLearning tool with a fresh outlook, turning your mobile device or tablet into a virtual lab where you can question, explore, and understand mathematical and scientific concepts using real-world examples.

11 Modules
Introduction (New Education Policy & Entrepreneurship); Need of the hour; Ed-tech overview; Flipped Classroom; E-learning content; Practice & Assessments; Learning Aids and Tools; Analytics engine; Virtual Classrooms; Lesson planning using EdTech and metacognition; and Hands-on with MarkSharks+.

The Academy offers a great way to experience blended learning. The 60-minute sessions are followed by group work and assignments; teachers will pick up skills and be future-ready; excellent team building at the school level ensures every individual's personal and social development. Our Learning Assessment Monitoring Platform (LAMP) offers an outstanding professional learning experience.

Outcome and Certification: The educators are recognised for their effort with a Certificate Of Appreciation. The PLP is challenging and rewards educators for their actions.

Program Fees
Rs 1100.00 for individuals per month.
Rs 25000.00 for the Whole Faculty Study Group per month.
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