Special Projects Workshop (SPW) 2011 report by Kalyani Chakraborty, Special Projects Award Leader from Manav Vikas School

The special projects workshop held on November 2011 was held in Dehradun and I had the privilege to be a part of it. It was an exhilarating experience altogether. The three day workshop convened on the 26th and ended on the 28th of November. I would take this opportunity to thank IAYP India for having invited me to the workshop.

Those who did attend the workshop had the opportunity to enrich themselves with the practical work and discussions of the four sections of the IAYP as well as that of the residential projects. Discussions were also held on how one should lead a quality life and appreciate its beauty. That one should love mankind as God resides within every man.

Another agenda of the workshop was to discuss how to develop the children belonging to the marginal section of the society. These children should be provided with opportunities so that they can cultivate themselves into respectable and complete individuals.

We resided at the guest house of Purukal Youth Development Society(PYDS) and the hospitality they extended to us was memorable. Purukal has its own school whose discipline and environment is perfect for a special project. They are doing a great job and contributing effectively in the formation of human capital.

Above all our national director Mr. Sandeep Dutt constantly motivates us with his inspirational words. He constantly says,” Dream it and build it.” These words are pertinent to every individual and can be applied in every walk of life.

This workshop will always occupy a special place in my heart.  Thank you IAYP, India.

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