Make teaching the most sought after profession

The biggest challenge for us is to make teachers feel real good for being teachers, and make teaching the most sought after profession in the nation. 
Teachers have a reason to be 'averse to change', as they find themselves on the receiving end from all the stakeholders in the education process - the parents, the students, the management and even the society as a whole is not really as appreciative of our teachers and their work. The lack  of appreciation, leads to the loss of self-esteem. The urge to live in the age of consumerism, leaves little way scope to be innovators, free thinkers and learners. To top it all the out-dated syllabus and the tools of delivery all make their job most uninteresting. Further, in most cases the students out-do the teachers in life-style and earning capacity, and this makes the teacher even more pessimistic in outlook. Some find that 'once a teacher, always a teacher', makes them quite staid and even brings about a feeling of isolation. The teacher becomes 'victims of thyself', as they believe their destiny is to be stuck in the profession alone.
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