Misuse of technology by students- main problems faced by teachers

  Teachers may have to face a lot of distraction in class room daily. I may deal with uninterested students or may be suffer from the over pressure, over pampering of the parents etc.I always try to solve these problems.. But today I face a problem of misuse of technology we know it helps a lot teachers as well as students. Computer s are provided to students to get help  and knowledge on line and make assignment.. But some students start misuse  computers by playing games ,chatting ,use social networking sites etc..
OVERCOME this problem is to monitor students properly while working in computer lab.& we also require support of parents, administration in this regard..teacher also complain  about lack of parental cooperation & guidance with them for the better future of the students especially for primary students.
Pooja Mahajan, email pmn.mm@dbntrust.in

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