Happy Students, Happy Teachers

Making Others Happy
After reading the book "Is your Child ready to Face the World?" by Dr. Sibal for the LFIN Professional Development Program during  the summer vacation, I visualized and understood the psychology of students, and as an educator decided to utilise these valuable tips in the teaching-learning process.

Apart from regular Computer lessons, whenever I have a substitution lesson with any class, I have started getting my classes to the computer lab to let the students use the internet to access permissible sites, download relevant content, and save it in a folder. This has helped them in learning new tactics and using new software.

Different age groups enjoyed these free periods and started requesting the substitution in-charge to assign more periods (free) to me. The smaller kids who used the computers in the lab felt happy and excited, and enjoyed the simple activity of coloring of objects in MS Paint.

The older ones enjoyed as most of them never get a chance to search the internet, and thereby enjoyed surfing various educational sites. They happily collected the information that was useful to them and pertained to their interest, and shared their experiences with their parents and helped create a good image of the school.

The seniors students always try to obtain necessary information, learn new softwares and technology, download previous year board exam papers, and solve online test papers to check their level of preparation for the exam. They also discuss various new apps that can help them maximize the benefits of technology.

Trying to make my students happy really gives me a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. It has in turn helped me in communicating with my students better and improving their skills.

~ Usman Gani is an Educator at The Fabindia School. His email is ugi4fab@gmail.com

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