Ajay Vijayvargi: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

School kills creativity? It sounds strange, but it is true as our education system and most of the top-rated schools do this and we as parents also become a part of this system. The system emphasises on getting best grades and being successful in competitive exams in any stream with top ranks, the stream can be – U.P.S.C, IIT, NEET and so on, the list is endless.

Nowadays a new pattern has emerged that is getting a government job, for this, the students become a part of the rat race, those who become successful are glorified and the rest are declared unsuccessful in life. The worst part of this is that the system has entered to school level that too from classes VI onward when the individual is not even aware of this and the decision is taken mostly by parents. The schools play an important part in this system as they curb the natural talent and creativity of the child and at a tender age, they are moulded in the way their parents want, when the parents desire and students talents match the result is fruitful but in most of the cases when the creativity and talent of a child is suppressed, the results are alarming, both for the individual and the society.

On the contrary, the schools should nurture the creativity and talent of the child right from primary classes and the progress card should be such designed so as to give an idea of the natural inclination of the child towards any stream, to the parents and help them in directing their child in the right direction.

Thus we see that the role of a school is very important in observing and nurturing the creativity of a child and give the right opinion to the parents for a bright future of the child/individual thereby it will benefit the family society and the nation as a whole.

- Ajay Vijayvargi, Dean Learning Forward at The Fabindia School, email avi4fab@gmail.com

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