The Award this week (TATW)

1. The first meeting of the Delhi AV Team (Award Volunteers Team) was great. Fresh faces at the Delhi University campus are surely going to make a difference to us. Three College Award Leaders appointed Mehaak at Hans Raj, Krithika at LSR and Saachi at St. Stephens. We meet again next week, and the first orientation will be at the Open Award Centre (OAC)  in August 2009. OAC Delhi will be the epicentre for the college award units, and will even assist individual participants. Thanks Devyani for the initiative and am sure with you as the Award Leader, the Open Centre will be in good hands. Malini our key resource is the mentor to many of our volunteers.

2. The South Zone will host the IS supported National Workshop at Coimbatore 9-11 October 2009. The venue is Chinmaya International School. 30 participants will attend from India alone, with an observer nominated by the NAA, to monitor quality and asses impact. The Workshop is being designed by the NAA and hosted by the SZAA. One session of this workshop will be hosted by the NZAA and will be held at New Delhi.

3. As a part of capacity building and training, NAA will also do an add-on session to the Coimbatore Workshop in Delhi and focus on "Role of Volunteers". The workshop will help draft the Volunteer Management Policy. This initiative is being chaired by Mrs. Lata Vaidyanathan and Malini will help in execution please.

4. Nominations called for RTW 2009 in November, last date is 1st Sept 2009. Only two experienced participants from each Zone. For details contact the Zonal Chairperson please.

5. Proposed AHA (Award Holders Association) Summit in December 2009, send in your suggestions to Rohit Saxena please. He is our moderator on Facebook.

6. Stage set for the APF Trustees Meeting on the 22nd of July 2009 at Mumbai.

7. Facebook and the website very active, and we now have near 275 fans and friends on Facebook.

8. South Zone to host the Annual National Workshop in Ooty in January 2009.

9. in last week of July 2009, Sandeep Dutt to attend the IC Brand Task Force meeting in London. A group of 8, meeting will be chaired by The Earl himself.

Cheers, more until next week at TATW

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