Rajarshi's Award Journey

It’s been about 9 years I’ve been involved with the Award, and I feel that joining the Award has been one of the best incidents of my life.

The reason why I joined the IAYP was the fact that it is Self-Competent. I thought such a Programme was ideal for the Youngsters who face competition at every juncture of life; and I was right, it is structured in such a way, that it ought to bring out the Best of one’s own self.

Without the Award, I wouldn’t have got the exposure I have got all these to enrich myself. It has taught me to take decisions in life and set goals for myself, and strive hard to achieve them. I’ve got the opportunity to know myself better, and be aware of my true potentials. Confidence, Sense of Responsibility, and proper Leadership skills are some of the many qualities that have been inculcated in me through this Programme.

Moreover, through these years I’ve grown up from a young hesitant teenager to a confident adult. And like everyone, I was faced by a lot of hurdles in life Challenging me throughout. Sidney Sheldon writes : “Life is like a Novel; you never know what’s awaiting you until you turn the Page.”

I really thank the Award for always giving me the courage to keep turning the pages even during the most difficult phases of my life, and accept Challenges with a Positive approach.

After my Gold Award in 2007, I had been visiting different Units on behalf of my Zonal Award Office, to help young Awardees and Award Leaders to go ahead with the Award smoothly. I’ve also been going for Camps regularly as an instructor to help Awardees with their Adventurous Journey Section. Besides, I’ve been the Editor of the Annual Zonal Magazine, “Reaching Out”; and now I’m working as a member of the Editorial Team of the Award India Magazine of the NAA.

To be selected for the IGE has been my dream since 2004, and now that I’m selected, I don’t have words to express my joy or the gratitude for the Award. I think IGE 2011 will give me a better understanding of the Award at the National as well as the International level, and of course provide the platform to interact with Gold Holders and other delegates from around the world. I feel that the sharing of information as well as ideas will help me a lot to work for the further development of the Award.

The vision of the Award in India now is to make IAYP a Premiere Youth Programme and make the Award reach every sector of the society involving the Youth. I also want to focus on the 18-25 age-group and ensure Gold Award Completion, as we often come across Awardees who have completed their Bronze or Silver Level but somehow don’t/can’t complete their Gold Level.

I’ve gained so much from the Award and now it’s my turn to give back; and what could be a better achievement for an Awardee than being able to be a part of the Growth and Development of the Award. And such an achievement is far more overwhelming than any certificate or badge.

All I can say is that the Award has been the Most Important Chapter in the Novel of MY Life…..and that reminds me what Dr Kurt Hahn had said --- "When the mind is stretched with experiences, it can never return to its former dimensions"

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