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Goenkan Awardees celebrate Earth Day

"Save the Earth, it’s the only one we have." Year after year, students update their facebook status, and send group SMSes creating awareness about the significance of 22nd April. But rarely ever do people actually take the initiative to carry out even the simplest of ecologically beneficial activities in an attempt to make at least the society around them a better place to live. This year was different, the IAYP participants at G.D. Goenka World School decorated brown paper bags with earth slogans and messages for the retail store in their school to use as an eco - friendly alternative to plastic bags. Interestingly, not only was the environment made a slightly better place, but the students that made the bags also developed a better understanding of the deterioration of the environment and the importance of conservation.

The other activity was perhaps more fun filled, but had the same intent. Planting saplings and decorating the pots was a great initiative by Aarushi. IAYP Silver participants planted seasonal flower saplings and painted them so that they could be donated to the NGO, ADAA. Not only does planting a sapling help a little more oxygen enter the environment, but the painted pots act as the ideal decoration for a recently established organization.

Earth day was a huge success for the school's IAYP group but the end of Earth Day surely doesn't signify the end of environmentally friendly actions, because everyday deserves to be Earth Day, and the Earth deserves a little help to bounce back from the deterioration that man has caused.

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