Visit to New Life Children's home by Award participants of Good Shepherd International School

The Award participants of Good Shepherd International School visited New Life Children's home as a part of their service component. One of the student recalls her experience:

The evening of 10th September will be etched in our memory as a day when we went out on a charity trip to New Life Children’s Home, Mitchell House, in Fernhill, an orphanage and discovered a reality –a harsh reality faced by these unfortunate children who have lost their parents.

When we started our journey, we did not know that we would come back with a heavy heart. Yes, we reached a small house with three bedrooms shared by the children. There was a small assembly hall where they prayed and a small kitchen. To welcome us were small children of six or seven years whose innocent faces lighted up when they saw us. They were most adorable and we enjoyed interacting with them. We taught them words expressing greetings and the usage of the word ‘thank you’. We also played many games with them and took pictures. There was nothing so beautiful as their innocent smiles, which concealed the agony of their cruel destiny. We wondered how these little children could face the ordeals of life, all alone! Though little angels, they taught us never to lose hope and to be happy in every situation. Our hearts were touched by their sincere prayer for us. What we had taken for them were materialistic and transient things, but what they gave us are the lessons they have learnt in adversity- to face reality with fortitude, faith and love for the Almighty, optimism and smiles.

We are thankful to our school for providing us with such lessons in reality which opens our minds to greater horizons. We had a wish – a wish to bring joy in the life of these little children by giving them love –the love which they gave us. We hope to visit them again. Their prayers will always rejuvenate us whenever we lose hope. May The Almighty God give them the strength to face life with courage and confidence.

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