Why you should sign up for the Professional Learning Program (PLP)?

LFIN Professional Learning Programme (PLP) is an extended and profound learning experience that immerses members in a model of inquiry and problem-based learning. Staff members work collaboratively to gain knowledge to solve significant student learning problems in their schools. We seek to understand individual members' needs and then assist them in meeting objectives through a collaborative learning environment and with the support of experienced coaches. The training programme comprises of Workshops, Webinars, Staff Exchange with partner schools, eLearning and finding solutions to not only teach but learn and help the school deliver better. The PLP is based on the philosophy of 'Schools Can Change', developed by Lick, Clauset and Murphy. The Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) take charge of their own learning by establishing Whole-Faculty Study Groups (WFSGs) and Action Teams

Why should I sign up?

An element of collaboration: I feel educators at The Fabindia School know the importance of collaboration and enjoy taking their learning forward while collaborating. - Rajeshree Shihag

During my three years PLP I learnt many new methods of teaching and learning process.
I learnt to work with groups to enhance the quality of teaching by sharing the ideas and thoughts. I learnt to start using technology and internet for the better students learning outcomes. It made me quite confident in writing articles and sharing my views and ideas in the groups. - Kusum Sharma

After successful completion of three years of Professional Learning Program, I feel more confident as an educator transformed from a teacher equipped with Core Values (Soft skills) and use of technology for personal upliftment and enrichment of mind and soul. - Ajay Vijayvargi

Three years of Professional Learning Program has enriched me with qualities like -collaboration, understanding and other skills, helped me in using technology more freely and with ease. - Sharmila Vijayvargi

After successful completion of three years of PLP, I feel more confident. I have learnt to use technology freely and comfortably. I am able to upload posts on the blog. Writing articles, reading books, sharing views and ideas have helped in the enrichment of mind, qualities of collaboration and other skills that I can use during my teaching in classes and outside. - Bharti Rao   

Three years of PLP has increased my confidence level a lot. I have improved my IT skills and communication skills. It has enhanced qualities like writing articles, working in groups, and qualities necessary for teaching and understanding students and finding solutions to their problems. - Prerna Rathod

During my three years  PLP I have learnt to use more technology and work on the computer. I can understand and solve the problems of my class more easily. I learned to make presentations, stories and to work in cooperation with the group. - Kusum Dangi

In my three years of PLP, I became more confident and used the opinions and views of the groups in my teaching. I have learnt to use more technology and work on the computer. I have learnt to become more patient. - Rajeshwari Rathore

During three years PLP I  have learnt the importance of technology in my life and how it is useful for me. I feel more confident.It helped me to improve my interaction with teachers as well as students. - Suresh Singh Negi

In my three years of PLP, I have to use technology and work on the computer. I learnt new teaching methods to apply in my classroom.I can understand and solve my problems very easily.I learn to work with cooperation. I became more confident. It helped me to improve my interaction skills. -Usha Panwar

During my three years PLP I have learnt to use technology and I became more confident. I learned to make Presentations and to work with cooperation. I learnt to write articles and work in groups. - Aysha Tak

During my three years of PLP, I became confident to share my views in the groups and feel confident to speak in the assembly. I learnt to write articles and improved my skills in information technology. And these skills I have started using in the classroom for better learning outcomes of the students. - Usman Gani

I have become a Multitasking person by doing all the work like teaching students, reading books, writing articles and researching new topics. It has also made me confident in interacting with colleagues and senior students. - Kavitha Devda

Professional Learning Program in our school has encouraged me to connect the teaching with real-life situations. My confidence level for presenting views and ideas has improved and  It helped me to think the need for changing the way of teaching. - Byju P. Joseph

After the completion of three-year PLP, I have improved many skills like reading , writing, technology, teamwork and value-based teaching techniques. It helps me more in the classroom and daily life situations. - Urmila Rathore

तीन वर्षों की  PLP के पश्चात् मैने स्वयं में आत्मविश्वास महसूस किया।  समूह में काम करना , नवीन तकनीक का उपयोग करना तथा प्रस्तुतीकरण करने में दक्षता प्राप्त हुई।  विभिन्न विषयों पर लेखन करके अपने लेखन कौशल को भी विकसित किया है।- कृष्ण गोपाल दवे       
After completing two years in PLP I have increased my confidence level. Earlier as I was new in this profession I was unable to explain topics, views which I wanted to share with students as I was dealing with thirty different types of brains I was not confident that will I be able to explain them or not but know I am that confident that I can easily go in class and explain my topic. I learnt how I can explain a topic to slow learners and the smarter how to deal with both types of students at the same time. I can easily express my views. I have started using teaching aids in classrooms. - Ishu Chouhan.

In my 5 months, PLP has improved me very much. It made me more confident. I learn to use technology in a better way. It gave me new-  new teaching aids to improve my teaching. I learn to work in a group and write articles and write-ups. Krithika Rao

After completing three years of PLP, I feel that I have become more responsible towards my work. It increased my confidence as well as knowledge. It taught us how to work in a group with collaboration and unity. It gave us ideas to make our classroom more effective. - Monika Vaishnav
दो सालों में पीडीपी (PLP) के दौरान मैंने समूह में अपने विचार साझा करने का तरीका सीखा।मैने स्वयं में आत्मविश्वास महसूस किया। साथ-साथ में मैंने अपने लेखन कौशल को भी विकसित किया है। - Jaffar Khan   

In my two years of PLP, I have become more confident, more technology savvy. I have become more innovative and to work as a team. It has made my teaching more effective. -Tarun Mishra.


  1. The association of one and a half year with PLP has given a platform to interact with learned and creative educators and kept me abreast with the latests in. Sharing of ideas with each other develops a healthy relationship wherein we have not met each other but feel we know each other.

  2. Thank you, Geeta, for the good words. It is an honour and privilege to serve the cause of Happy Teachers!


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