At the service of our beautiful Teachers

Dear Happy Teachers

Well into the first month of 2022, I thought we should note how you are doing and what we can do to help serve you better?

Last few months, I have personally been focussing on building the My Good School ecosystem, the website and the app. I hope you have had an opportunity to access the same? It would help if you did this ASAP, as #HappyTeachers have built #MyGoodSchool.

In our history of LFIN, 2021 was perhaps the most critical year, with the LFIN Academy being established, with a great leadership team with Monisha Datta at the helm, as on date we are signing up teachers for the 2022 Joy Of Learning Cohort, please email if you wish to sign up. We will host our online sessions on the third Saturday of the month and follow up with Connect>Communicate>Collaborate>Create monthly cycle.

Coming soon is a Well-Being Program for Teachers. If you would like to join the faculty as a Coach, get in touch with and find out how to establish yourself as a coach/mentor, there is no sign-up fee for the Well-Being Program Training; hosted courtesy Christa Campsall for My Inside Guide.

Please visit www.LFIN.Academy and explore the fantastic opportunity, experience the joy of learning with our selection of PLP Programs.

With you, for you, always!

Sandeep Dutt
At the service of our beautiful Teachers,

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