Brewing Knowledge Club - December Reading

The monthly meeting of our Brewing Knowledge Club was held on the 26th of December 2021; we read three chapters:

Value of liberal arts education 

Humanity must learn humanities

New Teaching and learning approaches

We experienced good learning through the chapters. With Mr Sandeep Dutt voice in the first chapter, we learnt how liberal arts education can help a child or an individual to think, express, contribute, learn freely and excel. In the second chapter, Humanity must learn humanities voice by Ms Bharti Rao, I must express that this could be the favourite chapter of any humanities stream student or educator. It answers how humanities help run the world and the response to the long-running debate. And the answer is a balanced one. The third chapter tells us how the teachers must change and learn new techniques.

Our journey always goes on, so be ready for the next reading session on the last Sunday of January 2022 at 5.00 pm; you know we never break promises. I end over with the quote. 

Provide us, passionate teachers

We will provide you with a good nation

- Kunal Rajpurhit, The Fabindia School
EBD Intern and Brewing Knowledge Club Volunteer 

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