During the session, when Ma’am gave us an assignment on protecting Heritage House, the first thought which came to my mind is of my grandma (Nani) house which is in one of the towns in Haryana. In my childhood days as soon as summer break began, on the very first day we used to visit there. I can still recall all the memories of this place with
fired bricks, sandstone, wood, marble, granite and plaster. It had so many salient features like arched gateways and windows, pillars, jharokhas etc. The main features of this haveli were chhajjas (sunshades), jharokhas (balcony windows) and jalis (screen windows). I used to sit for long hours in covered chhajjas where you can see everybody passing by. This was the place where enough sunshine yet fully airy. This huge mansion was built around a courtyard with huge darwazas done in beautiful architectural elements.

·        Task to conserve, repair and renovate, where the original designs can be retained and materials (stones, paints) as close to the original as possible.

·        Restoration of the furniture, old-style fans, hand-carved wooden bookcases, the carvings and carved pillars.

·        Protect the structure from disintegrating, while redoing the place – try to restore the exteriors and make them waterproof, mending loose tiles on the ground floor and reinstating the stained-glass installations around the area.

·        Eventually bring alive to it’s glorious past.

Dipty Ahuja
Gyanshree School, Noida 

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