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Dinesh Gajendran as Asia Pacific Regional Intern

It is an honour to introduce Gold Holder Dinesh Gajendran as the Second Asia Pacific Regional Intern for the Peter Cruddas Initiative. Year two of the Peter Cruddas Initiative will build on the success of Year One, widening the scope to focus on youth engagement. Dinesh was recognised as a Social Innovator in Year One of the Peter Cruddas Social Innovation Initiative for introducing the Award Programme in Madurai Kamaraj University and actively engaging in the India Special Projects with Olcott Memorial School in Chennai and Vellore Rural project in . He also represented the International Award Association at the 2010 Beyond Sport Summit held in Chicago, USA.

With experience in teaching Marketing and Advertising Subjects to MBA aspirants in Dept of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University for the last 1.5 years; active engagement with Rural youth and local community by introducing and sustaining Kho-Kho as a sport since 2006; and Serving as a Manager/Coach & Technical official/Umpire for Taminadu State Kho-Kho Association and Kho-Kho Federation of India (KKFI)for two years; Dinesh is a self-made leader.

Dinesh believes that doing the Gold Award taught him the necessary leadership, networking and organizing skills to become self condient in becoming a Social entrepreneur.

His Project Rural Challengers was selected for the Peter Cruddas Social Innovations Initiative (PCSII) and recognized as Social Innovator by The International Award Association (IAA) for promoting Award to underprivileged areas of Tamilnadu.

Congratulations Dinesh! and Good Luck

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