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UN Regional Consultation in Bangkok

Over 20 representatives from 10 Asia Pacific countries, including young people, will participate in a consultation session to discuss a proposed partnership project to establish The Network of Emerging Leaders in Asia and the Pacific (NELAP) with the UNESCAP Social Development Division. During the project, the IAA will mobilise prior Awardees in the target countries for inclusion as NELAP participants.

Mapping of UN Youth Related Programmes
The UN Asia-Pacific Interagency Group on Youth held its ninth session at the UN Centre in Bangkok on 11th February. An overview was presented by Mr Tendy Gunawan, an ILO enterprise specialist in mapping youth-related programmes of United Nations entities in Asia and the Pacific. He described youth trends in the region, and the meeting considered focusing with areas of the UN-IA group’s activity: poverty and inequality, education, employment and health. Work is also being undertaken on good practices relating to developing youth policies and a potential joint UN-IA group statement on youth policy.

- Matter from the Asia Pacific e-Newsletter

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