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Bronze Award participants from Delhi University share their Expedition Experience

The Adventure section is considered the most exciting level by Award participants worldwide. The recently concluded Bronze expedition successfully allowed 18 Bronze Awardees to actively challenge themselves physically and engage with the environment in the Aravalli mountains.

Experiences of Surabhi Chaturvedi, Shatakshi Chattopadhya. Sanya Tuteja, Pranay Pachauri and Akanksha Chaturvedi:

As we arrived Tikkling Camp in Haryana, adrenaline rush filled us. We were divided into two carefully balanced groups and started on the military style obstacle course. This kick started the flow of activity and allowed us to get ready for the events planned ahead.

The sudden rainstorm dampened our spirits as we were forced to return from our short trek to campsite. However, the survival session followed by steaming pakodas and 'chai' allowed us to connect with our fellow campers, thus somewhat restoring our moods. The night was cold and we were all jittery as we lay in our damp tents listening to the occasional call of jackals.

The next morning began early and the lush greenery with canopying mountains brought our spirits back. As we embarked on the trek to climb the nearby mountain, our task was surprisingly challenging as the rain from the previous night has made the route very slippery. We persisted and finally arrived at the rock climbing/rappelling site. Some of us were very skeptical about rock climbing as we had never tried it. The Trainers really encouraged us and we were exhilarated to complete the beginners' level. Post lunch, we went river crossing and thoroughly enjoyed it. The artificial rope session was tremendous learning as we discovered the many ways of knotting a rope. At the end of the session, we let loose with a fun game of football.

Making dinner from scratch over wood fire, singing songs, pulling each others' legs under a clear sky really was a memorable experience.

For some of us, who have been on several adventure trips, this was a completely new experience. Going beyond our comfort zones with new people, new environment away from the city was indeed fun! This expedition allowed each of us to know ourselves a little better than before.

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