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Minutes of the Second Annual General Meeting of the Gold Award Holders' Society of India

Present: GAHS Executive Committee Treasurer- Sandeep Dutt 51 Members

Hon. Secy- GAHS- Nivedita Samanta

Observers: The Doon School YES Centre Manager- Mr. Skand Bali The Welham Boys’ School YES Centre Manager- Mr. Laxman Singh South Zone Manager- Mrs. Neena Nath Programme Manager- Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty
HR Manager- Gita KeswaniCommunications Intern- Anjani Tandon

Special Invitees: Mr. Prabhjit Singh Didyala- Organizational Development, Fortis Healthcare

Programme Flow: 1 pm- Lunch & Fellowship. Lunch sponsored by Nirula’s. 
2 pm- Gather for Annual Gold Meeting

About GAHS President- Ms. Ishita Khanna’s report of GAHS for the year 2010-2011 Reappointment of the auditor and approval of audited statement Any adoption or amendments of Rules and Regulations of the Society, if necessary Any other matters: Award Governance, Life after Gold opportunities- experience sharing by Gold Holders

Minutes of the meeting are as follows:

1. Meeting was called to order at 2.15 pm by Sandeep Dutt on behalf of GAHS President-Ishita Khanna.

He proceeded to talk about the importance of GAHS, its inception to address opportunities for Gold Holders post their Gold Awards. The Gold Award Holders’ Society registered on March 8, 2010 is the premier Alumni network for Gold Holders in India. With the motto of Cherishing Service and Relationship (CSR), GAHS is an effort to create more awareness about the Award in our country and to rope in exuberant Award Holders, who feel for the Award and are keen to give back, GAHS exists for the provision, promotion and preservation of the International Award in India. GAHS will function as a completely independent set-up to assist in alumni relations and growth of the Award Programme as per the Strategic Plan of the National Office.

The Gold Internship Programme (GIP) will address the important issue of providing and placing GAHS members with partner companies and organizations so that the skills of Gold Holders are harnessed and the agendas of organizations to have excellent manpower are met. Prabhjit-Special Invitee from Fortis Healthcare talked about the opportunities at Fortis and in Healthcare ranging from medical operations, human resource management, customer service, etc. Introduction to the need of better governance in ambulance services, support staff, etc are only some examples of where Gold Interns can contribute.

2. President’s Report

Nivedita proceeded to read the minutes of the last AGM held on 24th June 2010 followed by the President’s report of GAHS Activity on behalf of Ishita Khanna

Events where Gold Holders’ Represented:
May 10th 2010 Anniversary Dinner for the World Fellowship, Buckingham Palace 24th June, 2010CSR Summit 25-30 June 2010Asia Pacific Youth Water Forum (AYP10) Singapore 1-8 July 2010 International Youth Forum Seliger Russia 2010 03-09 August 2010International Meeting of "Beginning of Trust", Karelia, Russia September 2010Volunteer Training Workshops, National Office 17th October 2010 Gold Holder at HRH Earl of Wessex dinner in New Delhi 24-30 October 2010Asia Pacific Regional Training Workshop in Seoul, South Korea 18th- 21st Dec 2010Special Projects Workshop, The Doon School, Dehradun February 2011Trained Coordinators at YES Workshop January 2011Beyond Sport Summit, Chicago, USA 3rd AprilUN Regional Consultation, Bangkok to form the Network of Emerging Leaders in Asia and the Pacific (NELAP) 5-9 April 2011Asia Pacific Regional Board Meeting

Forthcoming events:
11-25th June 2011Gold expedition to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh on Solar Project 2-16th Sept 2011International Gold Event 2011, Kenya All of 2011Gold Internships and Volunteerships

Some notable achievements:International Council Youth Rep- Shloka VaidyalingamAsia Pacific Regional Intern, Year 1- Rahul ShankarOpen Awards Centre Leader- Devanjali DuttAsia Pacific Regional Intern, Year 2- Dinesh GajendranInternational Gold Event delegates- Rajarshi Banerjee and Devanjali Dutt

Opportunities:Honorary Award India- quarterly magazineAward Interns and Award Leaders- Gold Holders to lead Award in Delhi Universities

GAHS Member and International Council Youth Rep- Shloka Vaidyalingam enquired to confirm that a record of the selection process and applications in maintained to ensure risk assessment and overall transparency is maintained.

3. Sunil Trehan, Sunil Trehan & Co. Was approved and re-appointed as auditor for GAHS by GAHS members Devyani Dutt and Sandeep Dutt. Audited statements read. Noted that the GAHS Account employs a Gold Intern to take ahead the interests of GAHS and keep in touch with members. GAHS statements available on formal request and will be uploaded on website. Shloka approved the audited statements and Dinesh Gajendran seconded it.

4. Members are free to apply as ad-hoc Executive Committee members by sending in a formal request with their resumes to Nivedita@dofe.in

5. Governance of the Award is an crucial point being addressed worldwide for better administration and quality assurance of the Award while the Award Programme grows to new horizons. The Award Film- Governance and the Award was shown to all and youth representation on all Governance Boards was highlighted on.

‘My Life after Gold’ by Rahul Shankar- 1st Asia Pacific Regional Intern for the Peter Cruddas Social Innovations Initiative introduced the Social Innovators’ project and shared his experiences beginning from the International Gold Event in Mauritius in 2008. The Award truly equips and builds leadership qualities of young people worldwide. For information on the IGE 2011, visit www.intaward.org or connect with the National Office. Contact Rahul Shankar at Rahul@dofe.in.

Dinesh Gajendran, the 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Intern for the Peter Cruddas Social Innovations Initiative briefly spoke of his Social Innovations Project where through his Audacious Academy for Sports, young people’s lives in rural Tamil Nadu are being transformed. For more, contact Dinesh at dinesh.mba.mku@gmail.com
IC Youth Rep, Shloka gave a token of appreciation to Rahul Shankar. The meeting concluded with an introduction of the National Team and with a general assent to share as many experiences and stories to promote the Award in a big away. T-shirts for all Gold Holders were distributed.

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