Learning Experiential Methodology

Applying Experiential Methodology
Schooling is becoming an exciting space. 

Because there are so many confused people out there running institutions, who have a nagging doubt that what they are doing isn’t really delivering what the children want or the industry needs. Each place then tweaks what they ‘do’, hoping that something different will happen for the children. It does. Therein lies the danger!

We begin to believe that what we ‘did’ got the results. Then we ‘do’ more of it, and the ‘change’ stops happening. That’s because all we think of is the ‘do’ piece. The DO piece is easy to think about, get teachers to practice, and apply in the classroom. But that’s not what triggers change. Lets call the DO piece the ‘HEAD’ stuff, because it is designed to affect Thinking. The other 2 pieces in the process are the HANDS and HEART.

It’s the magic of what we experience (HANDS), and how we feel (HEART) that really gives life to the learning process. Its when we can get the HEAD, HANDS and HEART working together – Thinking, activity, reflection, and meaningfulness - that learning will become real.

The answer could lie in some principles that enrich the practice of experiential methodology. These principles affect each one of us in our role as educators, and must eventually affect how we do what we do as educators. For example, many new approaches talk about child-centeredness. How do we apply it? Can a classroom really be for the children, by the children? How do I get out of this role of a teacher? It seems to eventually point at personal change. And for change to happen the need must be felt individually.

If you want to know more, check out 2 books written by Laurie Frank – “The Caring Classroom”, and “Leading Together”.

The Author: Vishwas Parchure has been in the space of experiential education for the past 25 years. His training comes from time spent at The Brathay Hall Trust, UK, Project Adventure Inc. USA, Outward Bound, and many years of practice. He has traveled to the UK, USA, South Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, the Middle East to learn and teach experiential application. He currently runs a Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice in Pune and Bangalore, and possibly in Delhi in 2016-17. You can see more of what he does at www.vishwasparchure.com

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