Whispers From Nursery

Almost one and half year back i.e. April 2015, I joined N.S.N. A.V primary wing. It has been an amazing experience; I had hardly imagined that it would involve me so deeply in experimenting with pre-school education.However, I found that nursery school could be an exciting adventure for me, an experience of all the staff and as well as for the tiny tots. I want to share what I learnt over the months of association with my tiny tots.
First of all, I want to share with my personal experience as a mother of two beautiful souls, what shortcomings they faced when they were kids,t hat shortcomings I want to fulfil now in these N.S.N kids.

The falling standard of education and moral values which haunt well meaning all over the country can, in my opinion, be directly attributed to lack of improper facilities for pre-school education.
It was once true that ’Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers’. But the economic stress and strain on fathers and working mothers leave them with little time to attend to the necessary educational requirements of a child and the whole burden during the most impressionable and formative years of the child thus fall on the nursery school teachers and other members.What the child learns during 1 to 5 years of age has a lasting effect on his/her intelligence and attitude, and therefore the way education is imparted at the school is crucial for the child as well as for the society because pre-school education is the plinth on which the future superstructure of education is built.
According to saint philosopher Sir ’Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan’- Education is not something to be packed away in some corner of our brain, but what enters our being. Colours our emotions haunts our soul and is as close to us as life itself. The groundwork of such a broad-based education is accomplished at the primary level only.

According to me the first thing a good nursery school needs a right type of teacher who is in a key position to help nurture the habit of thinking and questioning in the child. All this requires a lot of effort, patience and enthusiasm of a teacher. The teacher at this stage serves as a role model for the child for he is like wet cement, anything that falls on it makes an impression
Games both indoor and outdoor are a must for a child.They develop his muscles and also give him invaluable lessons about cooperation, courage and will to do his best and to be satisfied with himself.

Last but not the least true to its name-- Nawal Shanti Niketan - Peaceful but must be filled with children's voice by which they kindle zeal life in the school premises. whisThis school appears to me as a temple of peace and knowledge for which I as a mother would have dreamt for my kids.
Every day is a new experience for me to be with small kids and performing new challenging task with my full courage and dedication.

My sincere thanks to all the staff members for doing their duty towards our school in an exemplary manner

Anjali Kaul
DBN Nawal Shanti Niketan

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