Determination Can Do Wonders

The book "Is Your Child Ready to Face the World?" by Dr. Anupam Sibal is very interesting. The book stands out due to its constant emphasis on the advantages of a value-laden life. The chapter on "Determination" has inspired me the most. 

Dr. Sibal writes about Steve Jobs who really is an idol for all those losing hope and courage. After reading the book, it struck me that no-one every really fails. What is important is that we try our best in every endeavour we pursue, even if we fail to achieve the desired end goal. In today's world, children need motivation and positivity. When they fail in an exam, they become frustrated and sad. We must make them realise that it is not the end of their journey. They need to stand up and prepare themselves for the next set of obstacles. Real success lies in possessing this ability to pick ourselves up after each defeat, learn from our mistakes, and keep moving forward. 

We all know that the quality of determination is very essential to succeed. I believe in teaching children to accept their failures and work hard to overcome them. This is where determination comes in - it is the engine, the force, that drives us in overcoming all obstacles. The level of our determination will decide how far we can go and how strong we can be in facing trying times. 

Every year our school organises a cycling tour but girls usually don't participate in it because of fear and lack of confidence. I tried to motivate and encourage them. I told them about famous personalities and their passion towards their work. My efforts bore fruit and they began signing up to participate. It was a very heartening and proud moment for me as a teacher. Even more so when the girls covered 40 kilometres before the boys! 

I have always believed in this piece of advice: Set small goals and locate your problems to convert them into success. I try to make sure that my students achieve their goals with these pointers in mind: 

1. Achievement of your goals depends mainly on "how you think" and "what you do", not luck or  circumstances.
2. The goal must mean something to you. It must excite you and fuel you with passion to achieve it.
3. Be strongly determined on pursuing your goals - it will automatically maintain your focus consistently and teach you how to prioritise for the same.

~ Tarun Mishra is an Educator at The Fabindia School. His email address is

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