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Future of the Indian Classroom

The future of Indian classroom must be coined as "Garden of knowledge "where teachers don't teach a Concept but create it to make kids experience every Concept  taught to them, The” Garden of knowledge” must be so designed where there is freedom to explore, express and create their thoughts into reality to bring innovation in the existing Concept . It must be so uniquely designed that it delivers integrated Concept learning and assignment on its approach to create innovative thoughts towards the existing Concept. The garden of knowledge must be embraced with a variety of Learning Concept, skills and innovations. It can be shaped in its best effective learning by bringing the words in the textbook to reality for experiencing innovation.

For Early childhood education the “Garden of knowledge” plays a vital role in igniting the Thought process of the little stars waiting to twinkle. Creating a Concept in this important phase of a child helps him in shaping his thought process, experiencing the reality and approach towards new things and their existence and most importantly it creates the interest in the child to learn with joy and happiness to creativity.

The creating Concept Approach in the garden of knowledge helps to bring positivity in the child who in turn helps in personality development and great mental health. The stress and anxiety to studies is reduced as the child starts to enjoy learning for self-development rather than for grades.


~ Ms. Tazeen Siddiqui is Managing Director, Mansha Educational society. Her email address is  fortazeen@gmail.com              

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