New online course: Effective Coaching to Strengthen Instruction

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New online course: Effective Coaching to Strengthen Instruction

Learn the fundamentals of instructional coaching to increase the quality of classroom practice to improve academic success.

Learning Forward is pleased to announce that we have launched a new online course in collaboration with Public Consulting Group: Effective Coaching to Strengthen Instruction by Joellen Killion.

Develop the essential skills of building relationships, communication, and observation. With these skills as your foundation, learn a coaching cycle for planning, implementation, and debriefing in the context of three different instructional supports—modeling/demonstration, co-teaching/collaboration, and observation.

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
  • Use communication skills to work effectively with others within a coaching relationship;
  • Determine which type of classroom support to implement, depending on the circumstances;
  • Observe, take notes, and debrief a lesson to implement the coaching cycle with teachers;
  • Assess the effectiveness and impact of their own coaching to support the continuous improvement of the coaching program; and
  • Identify actions coaches can take to foster a coaching culture within the school to strengthen teacher performance and student achievement.
This course includes a coach to provide personalized feedback, videos of authentic classroom practice, and flexibility to engage with the content on your schedule.
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