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In my experience, communities and societies, free from hierarchy and ambition are in some ways akin to the philosophy of the Happy Teachers and My Good School. The source of happiness is often being happy with what is around you and learning to accept it. In Javanese culture, ambition was looked down. People put their egos in the dustbin and lead a very modest and happy life, living for each other.

An educator’s life too should be in the service of students. Educators who are modest, humble and student centred are the ones who are happy and spread happiness and make a difference.

From my own experience, this is how I started and am still as devoted to the students fifty years later.

It is very important for educators to just do their job and not look for rewards. With sincerity and dedication, things happen. Competence is appreciated and educators make a difference to the students’ life.

I have often seen problems arise when educators become ambitious and eye senior posts and look forward to becoming HODs etc. For a happy school and happy teachers, selflessness is important. Educators have to disassociate themselves from ambition and just do the job at hand, which is to inspire, motivate and inculcate the right values.

Just like in the army, every soldier cannot become a general, similarly, in a school, everyone cannot become a principal. And yet, everyone connected to the school and the students has a very important role to play. It’s not what you are but what you do with your time. Emulate the good around you but do not be jealous of people around you.

To make a difference to a student’s life the educator has to be a happy role model.

The educator must realise the enormity of their job and how important it is, and how blessed they are that they have been entrusted with a job of guiding young lives and making a difference to the community and society at large.

It is a fact that societies like the ones in Java and Bali are happier because there is no hierarchy and they believe in living in harmony and helping each other and take great care of nature around them. In many ways, it explains the philosophy of Happy Teachers and My Good School.

Those of us who have chosen this profession are the blessed ones. We must, as educators be humble, modest and spend our lives in the service of the wonderful children.  

- Rajinder Pal Devgan, Chairman Learning Forward India, rpdevgan@gmail.com
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