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Byju P Joseph: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

In every school, there are bright students with creative minds, they need to be encouraged, they should be provided with chances to prove their talents, creativity and strength before the world. Their extraordinary abilities should be discovered. It’s very important that the child must himself be aware of his abilities. The creativity of a child should be channelized properly for positive outcomes.

The most powerful weapon that we have with us is our brain which can store many things and can produce innovative ideas. So it should be utilized in all possible ways.

We know all children are born with different talents. It is the duty of a teacher to encourage the children to realize their capabilities and nourish them. As technology develops there must be more and more innovations and creativities. Knowledge is the base of creativity. It leads to curiosity, imagination and formation of new ideas. Schools are the place meant for all round development of a child. But nowadays most of the schools are the place meant for profit making. They are in a competitive world and stand only for commercial purpose where students’ skills or talents have no value. Then where are creativity and innovation?
-          Byju P. Joseph

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