Rajashree Rao: What is Your Value Worth?

“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of real value” It is my belief that success follows those who value not only themselves but others too for who they are. Never let someone who doesn’t know you tell you how much you are worth. I learnt something compelling today. I have been connecting with people with whom I thought I could explore potential collaboration/opportunities to work together. When I reached out to someone with excellent credentials and is supposedly working on the so-called hashtagsocialimpact of “Doing Good,” found in reality did not even live those words. I was asked to share my plans that are confidential to my upcoming venture. It was that moment I realised how everyone tries to value another individual. What they seem to have forgotten is to be “Good.” One needs to live the words that they preach to this world. Moreover, they should never treat others in the way they don’t want to be treated. It was then my preceptor’s words were ringing the bell, “Be your good self." It is easy said, than done. Living these lessons learnt and setting an example for others to follow is when you will truly learn to hashtagempathize with this world. hashtagWalktheTalk. “Your Value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your Worth”

Rajashree Rao

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