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Soham Anand: 100% Something Wrong

Without taking anything away from the kids who worked so hard to secure 99,100, it doesn't really make sense, something is wrong somewhere. 

Are we to assume that they are perfect or near perfect, that they are masters, that they have transcended all barriers of intelligence and learning. Are we to understand that they are superior to those who may have scored less.

I have seen many a topper fall apart and break when confronted with the harsh realities of the world and their own expectations which is practically economic and financial. It's a mad rat race from which there is no coming out. They simply can't cope up.
It is no secret that our two Boards CBSE and ICSCE are highly politicised and engaged in a race to outshine each other. Both have diluted and compromised the curriculum to enable the children to score maximum marks without teaching them to think, to rationalise, to analyse, to conceptualise. Our system still encourages learning by rote and memorising. The present marks based system must come to an end. 

It teaches them to become a successful lawyer, a successful doctor, a successful engineer, without teaching them the virtues of empathy, of considerations, of scientific temper, virtues of using one's hand. It doesn't teach our children about their surroundings, they live in. It teaches our children to be robots earning machines, without a sense of equality, totally devoid of their surroundings and environment they live in, often becoming a reason for friction and discontent.
It doesn't teach graces of earning and spending money. Any society not teaching the virtues of equality is an unequal society. A society of haves and have nots. 

Whereas our system of education, to some extent, satisfy our emotional urges, it fails to stir our intellectual curiosity. For instance, our Social Science Curriculum stirs our patriotic and nationalistic instincts but does precious little in terms of scientific exploration of the subject. 

The curriculum and system are far removed from the harsh and truthful realities of the world.
Our Schools, run by industrialists and moneyed individuals, despite being in a position to put pressure on the Boards and the Govt to bring about substantial changes, are least concerned, so far they get their pounds and dollars.

Our Principals, who certainly can take a lead are too busy bending over backwards to stay in the favour of their management.

So, what then is the way out, where do we go from here, there are no easy answers, but one thing is sure, we cannot carry on like this.

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