Urmila Rathore: Do Schools Kill Creativity ?

School is a very important place for both the creators as well as the learners. There are a lot of schools in our society where there is no fundamental equipment to let the skills of a child shine. Most of the schools do not have extra co-curricular activities and they believe in academics performance only. That is where most of the students kill their interests and slowly it leads to their weak performance in academics.

In the early age we can see that a child can be a composer, an artist, teacher and scientist etc. It is because they play roles of various personalities according to their interest. But due to the adult's interest, a child gets confused too on focus his/ her own goal or interest.

My nephew who is 23 months old, one day he used two plates and a tablespoon to produce sound and he was very happy and enjoying the sound without any hesitation. I use the word hesitation here because whenever someone does work of their interest, they never fall in fear and hesitate, he /she becomes/feels very confident.

In rainy season children make their own houses, paper boats and create their own games and dance style with melodious music. They are their own crater and enjoys a lot. But when they get admission in the school they study and do homework which is given by a teacher. They slowly start losing their own abilities and become depended. These things go parallel in their life.

When they become adult they face peer pressure, hero worship and parent's high expectations. At this time he/she gets confused to choose the right profession so at that time parents should not pressure them. They should suggest and motivate them to choose their profession according to their interest.
Urmila Rathore
The Fabindia School

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