“When I am teaching at my best, I am like a _________ .”

You may know Palmer Parkins' The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life as one of the best books ...we are inspired and share an exercise from the book.

I rediscover my special abilities and feel it’s possible to help each child of mine to explore his own superpower and acquire wings. The inspiration of the pupa becoming a butterfly is aloft! The magic lies in using one's own potential.  I am the guardian of my children. I feel responsible for their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical evolution.  May God guide each one of us to provide this support system to the young ones entrusted to us. Like the angles hovering around their loved ones, may we keep receiving and spreading abundant blessings".

Priyakee Gupta, Educationist/ Advocate
Academics: Loreto Darjeeling and North Bengal University law college

"When I am with my students, I am like a Gardner who takes care of the budding flowers to flourish and grow with colourful petals. I wish all my students to enrich their talents and prepare for a brighter future ahead".- Sangita Roka, Matron

"I serve Sacred Heart School as an English Teacher. When I am teaching at my best, I am a Sculptor, making children come to life by joining and moulding the materials together". - Preeti Rai, English Teacher

"When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Stockbroker, who multiplies and adds happiness and knowledge; subtracts and divides sorrows. I play with numbers and variables and encourage children to do the same. I motivate them to enjoy solving problems; it is what provides us with solutions".
- Anand Acharya, Maths Teacher

"When I am teaching at my best, I am like Dronacharya, not only teaching the subject matter but also try to build my student into a wholesome person. Excellent intellectually, spiritually, physically, morally and emotionally. This is my prime duty". - Gautam Mukherjee

" When I am teaching at my best, I am like the Spectrum. I am ready with the versatility to impart the ultimate colours that expand the learning capacity indulging my little ones into hope, surprises and laughter making the characters more colourful. I strive to reach every ward so that no child is left behind. I am open to learning which gives me time to analyse. I love my profession. It gives me immense pleasure and opportunity to be more than just what I am. I can do this all day.- Mahima Pradhan

"When I'm teaching at my best I'm like a Waterfall, pouring down knowledge and wisdom. I find my students as to be the rivers carrying the resources of knowledge and wisdom, paving their way through the challenges of life". - Niloy Hait

"When I'm teaching at my best I'm like a Juggler,  juggling and playing with numbers. Involving the student's active participation in creating an atmosphere of making learning more funfilled as well as challenging". - Poulami Moitra Hait

"When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Boat. The students are like an ocean. They might not be at their best every time, but they are very interesting to work with. We work together whether fast or slow and take up something new every time. We try to understand them in various ways and teach them according to their needs". - Pankaj Sharma

"When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Mystic who is empathetic but also makes the students wonder with amazement that such information does exist. I am sensitive to their environment and their capabilities putting myself in their place is how I approach them. While in the library at my very best, I am like a Watchdog patiently looking after our library, observing the psyche of our students by the way they are reacting to certain situations, just like a watchdog". - Winston Dutta

"When I am teaching at my best, I am an Analyst. As we all know, economics is a subject of practicality. Many students believe this subject to be boring and abstract. But I as an analyst always tries to find ways to reach out to the comforts, interests, strengths and weaknesses of the students. I make sure that that they connect the theories and laws of economics to the happenings of the world". - Nigam Pradhan

"When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Motivational Speaker. Most of the students claim science as a boring subject. But as we are surrounded by technology and the product of science every day and also to know about the natural world, it is better to have scientific knowledge also. I try to motivate students not to see it in a complicated way but rather look at it in an interesting way. When I teach anything, if I get back a response of interest, I feel satisfied and that motivates me too. I share them the knowledge I have, to help them learn about the world which will help them grow even as a person. I prefer to inculcate scientific attitude in them. I try to teach them to think well and make an informed decision". - Ruchi Tamang

"When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Researcher. Whenever I teach any topic, it takes me to that time when a researcher was using all possible concepts to build the theory and verify it. It gives me immense pleasure on how simple concepts with a given amount of thoughts can give a wonderful result. I try to relate all the thoughts that might be going on at that time with the physicist". - Roshan Pradhan

"When I am teaching at my best, I see myself as an Artist. I take up words and try to create images with them. I try to show children the beauty, magic and rhythm of words. I try to bring the characters to life. I have always believed in feeling the characters and the situations that we discuss. While teaching language, I try to encourage children to imagine". - Malini Banerjee

"When I am teaching at my best, I am a Seer, struck by wonder at how many things can be explained to a willing mind. I realise that the things that didn't make real sense while learning or reading, all comes together while imparting it. However, I do believe in this quote: "We ( teachers or students) remember those lessons the best which we don't remember learning." So teaching for me is more about learning, because the more teach, the more I learn". - Arpan Rai

"When I am a teacher, I am an Actor with the apt attention of my students over the day. I am mindful of my audience the entire day and their needs to make learning effective and enjoyable. I have become a person who I thought was only possible. The respect that I get though I work hard to earn stays forever once achieved. My audience requires me to play different roles over the day to meet my ultimate aim of making learning possible. Some students listen to the clown in the circus while some see a superhero". - Ruby Pradhan

"When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Clown- with a didactic act. With a handful of subjects of fun and to cause laughter but a bagful of matters to reflect on, to realise and to learn from, my role in a class serves best to manifest both comedic role and a sacred role. I believe that Education at its best should make pupils able to deliver Solutions to the problems of the world today. As a clown, with a didactic act, I have been endeavouring to be a catalyst for individual and societal transformation. No other stage is as perfect as a classroom for clowning because it comprises the future of the world". - Sangarsh Chhetri
Image Courtesy: Iconfinder.Com

"When I am at my best, I am like a Rockstar 😊. My complete loyalty is to my fans and my Art. While I need to see that what I present is true and correct, my responsibility is also to present something original, what I feel is intrinsically truthful and that which raises the standards of my fans to the next higher level of perception and understanding!" - Prafulla Pradhan

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