Brewing Knowledge Club - September Reflections

Reflections for September 2021

We are reading...
My Good School Where Passion Meets Education
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25th September 2021 - last Sunday of the month.
  1. Choice Of Curriculum
  2. Building Schools With Quality
  3. Fun In Learning, Learning Is Fun
  4. Life Is Parenting. 
The warm voices of Ms Brinda Ghosh, Ms Sunita Mehta, Ms Divya Agnihotri, Ms Deepti Sharma and our lovable Mr Sandeep Dutt make the reading with learning experience better. When we commenced the first chapter, 'Choice Of Curriculum', what struck us was the solutions, or we can say holistic look at which/how/when the school must be chosen for a child and how we can help parents choose a better learning experience for the child. 

Another chapter, 'Building Schools With Quality', comes up with three elements for quality delivery in a good school. First, a teacher development program because teachers must also get an update, and for healthy learning, teachers are the most critical asset. The second element is the effective use of technology; learning can be made more and with fun or more accessible and with enthusiasm. The third and the very best part that came with a pop-up during reading was The Scholarship Programme that takes out the heart with its lines that " When in uniform, all children may look the same, but a school must accept children not only on the ability to pay the fee but with a larger motive of laying the foundation of a great nation" And then We jumped into the next ' Fun in learning, Learning is Fun'  When we read this chapter we could correlate with the heading where the highlights, why fun is necessary for the excellent learning. We can pull in anyone by "fun to learn". It can work as a key to excite the mind to learn and enquire freely.

The fourth chapter- 'Life Is Parenting', shows the role of both parents and teachers and how parents also play an essential role in making better possibilities for the child's learning experience. 

Good listeners are part of our club, and they have shared their reflections: 

Ms Veena Solanki 
Fun in learning; learning is fun!!
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Learning and fun, I'm sure, have a symbiotic relationship. With fun, learning becomes effective, and since learning automatically happens with fun as the brain is less stressed, FUN perhaps shouldn't be barred from entering our classrooms. A fun-filled experience tends to stay longer and certainly keeps the learners curious and hungry for more.

Learning thus can be equated to a lasting, limpid, lucrative earning (L + earning = learning).

Fun means different things to different people. One way of having fun can be a lot of laughter. Hardwiring a deeper connection between learning and laughter has been proved beneficial many times and more so recently. A hearty chuckle, a suppressed giggle or perhaps ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) or LOL (laughing out loud), all these definitely lessens and lowers the load of stress.

A bit of fun can make all the difference in effective learning. So teaching methodologies must give a little space to fun to foster an environment of inclusion, diversity and long-lasting learning. Without a bit of fun in class, kids become dull and are often uninspired, and teachers surely lose the connection. That's where the teacher's creativity takes a back seat, and the student's creativity eventually suffers.

The latest learning technologies come to the rescue here for teachers. Gamification of modules can undoubtedly make things exciting but engaging each child in the learning process is the only key to fun-filled long-lasting learning.

Ms Deepti Sharma
*Life is Parenting* 

Young minds are like sponges that absorb what their parents are doing.

Parenting is a lifetime project for an individual. He needs to be aware of his role and responsibilities. Teachers at school can be the catalyst in unfolding the hidden potential of a child. But the parents at home are the first teachers. The individual of this generation needs to realise it. 

Creating a nurturing environment filled with love, care, empathy, kindness, and discipline will help them build a happy individual instilled with values. 

It is rightly said by Mr Sandeep Dutt that parenting is infinite, and parents grow up with their children. It is a process of promoting and supporting a child's physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development from infancy to adulthood. It's an aspect of raising aside from a biological relationship. 

In this period when most of the parents are working, they cannot give the best gift to their little ones-"the time, i.e. their presence".They should plan a schedule and maintain consistency to help children cope with daily life challenges. 

They need to help build healthy habits to make them self reliant example - pack their bags and keep the school uniform ready before going to bed, waking up on time with the sound of the alarm, making their bed, getting dressed for school, eating their breakfast besides learning to pitch in keeping the house neat and clean. The parents can do so much for the child's confidence, like helping them know themselves through art, needlework, cooking and reading.

Besides channelling their energy and thought process, a beautiful bond will emerge, building trust and mutual respect.

The connection thus made will help them to be honest with themselves and their parents. This individual will be the best parent then.

A checklist prioritising the important ones can help to keep track of and easy transactions of plans.

Parenting is a lifetime investment that rewards with peace and a sense of accomplishment of a job done right.

Our train of the Brewing Knowledge Club stopped at the stations: Choice Of Curriculum, Building Schools With Quality, Fun In Learning Learning Is Fun, and Life is Parenting; this month and our journey is a continuous learning experience. And hang on! The train just stops for a while to fill the fuel, the trip will continue the following month with exciting stations (chapters- An Eager Child Or Enthusiastic Teacher, Why Teachers Are Averse To Change...).

- Sukhpreet Kaur Ambassador Brewing Knowledge & Kunal Student Intern The Fabindia School

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