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Determination means to stand firmly for what we believe in or support the truth no matter what others think or feel. Determination is one of the most important values that everyone should possess. Even if we face failure, then it is our determination and courage that helps us to try again and achieve our goals. A strong, determined person can meet and overcome any problems in life and provide strength to others. 

I recall an incident in my life. When I was in college, my relative's daughter and son were very weak in their studies. Their parents were worried for them. They requested me to teach them. I agreed. When I went to teach them, I found that both of them couldn't read and write correctly. I decided to give up. But their mother pleaded with me to teach them. Then, I made up my mind that I would teach them. I worked hard with them, and in their final exam, they both scored good marks. Their parents were thrilled and thanked me a lot. It was my determination that could make helped me to make it possible. If I had given up at the start, there would be no one to help the children. 

So one's determination can help others also to go through life's up and down.

Prerna Rathod 
The Fabindia School

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