Determination - Arvind Singh

Every champion has felt it; every victorious person has felt it, THE URGE to quit. Don't give up on your dream despite any circumstances. It may take you twice as long. Now you have to decide whether you are so concerned about accomplishing your goals. In this whole journey, what may play an important role is one and only DETERMINATION. How determined you are to do the things up and above. 'wake up with the determination and sleep with satisfaction. That is all you need to do. 

Determination brings an urge to do the work in a person, and it may vary from person to person. In this age of competition, this is the only thing that will make u stand apart and high in your journey. Determination is followed by consistency, will urge, and NO EXCUSES. There are vast differences between I need something and I am determined about that particular thing. The other factor that helps is HOPE; it also plays a vital role, as a person holding their nerves with hope is invincible. A person must indulge in introspection just to assess their strengths and weakness.

I just want to conclude my opinion by saying 'A person with strong determination is the winner in himself. You have won half of the battle, champ.'

Arvind Singh 
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