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What is determination? 
Determination is the determination to do something despite a difficult situation. Resolve is the option that provides a ladder to get out of the hole instead of pushing the person to the pit of despair. There is limitless power in the will, due to which the goal is definitely accomplished.

How can you be determined? Let me share a real story of a 65-year-old lady Lata Kare Ji who lives in the Baramati district of Maharashtra. In the year 2014, her husband was suffering from a severe disease. The amount for the treatment was too much.  Her husband was an agricultural labourer and earned hardly one hundred and two hundred per day.  Raising the amount of therapy was very difficult for Lata Ji. But she wanted to see her husband alive at any cost.  That's when she heard about the organizing of the marathon and the prize money.  This made her feel a little light in complete darkness.  She had never participated in a running competition before.  Keeping in mind that most of the participants would be young, energetic and fully prepared, still, she ran in a sari and with slippers. Lata Kare was without sports shoes and without sports clothes. Her sandal broke in the middle of the way, but she did not pay any attention to it. She ran barefoot and finished the marathon.

Her determination brought her victory.  There is no solid formula to become more determined; when you want something from your heart, your determination will always be at its peak. Decision making is an intellectual and logical process, and perseverance here is related to the power of the mind.  We like to do physical activities like playing, walking, and watching movies.  Usually, our body wants comfort, so we choose situations where we have to suffer less, even during cognitive behaviour.  So we are not used to living on our own decisions.  Whenever we suffer more, our mind starts looking for excuses to change its own decision, and we also easily find reasons.  So if we want to develop determination, then we also need to practice it.  We should start with small efforts.  You can try it on small things too, such as the decision not to drink tea at a time, the decision to cut a few hours off from entertainment and follow these decisions.

Determination breaks the shackles of dilemma.  Success and failure in life are due to the mind.  The determination power of the mind keeps it engaged in continuous work. It often leads to success.  When the weakness of the mind makes a person weak while doing work, infuses despair in him, then there is a failure in the result.  Whenever a person becomes relaxed while working, the intellect also gives up. The willpower of the mind awakens immense strength in the body, also makes intellect sharp, due to which the person definitely gets success in that field. 
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