The Schooling System Is Doomed For Failure!

For any education system to prosper, both the guardians and the schools must unite and co-operate, but this infrequently happens. The lack of sufficient support from parents is why the schooling system is doomed for failure. The massive majority of our population (parents) know nothing about education, but they all have an opinion. 

They don't step foot in school for years, even when repeatedly requested, but they believe they have all the answers. They no longer teach children good etiquette, respect, pride in work, cooperation and coexistence, etc. This they feel is the occupation of the school.

We frequently see children coming to school wearing precious branded watches and shoes, but they don't carry a pen or a pencil; let's not talk of geometry boxes and atlases, for it's not confined to dictionaries only.

Are the parents ever sure that the children have everything they need for school?

Are they ever sure that their children have done their school work?

Are the parents ever sure when they last attended a parents-teachers meeting? 

Are they ever sure when they last sat with their children to have a small chit chat? 

Are they ever sure that they listened to the teachers and that their ward is a disruptive influence? 

So when they say that the schools and teachers aren't working, they need to look within themselves and their homes. 

Teachers can't conceivably do the parents' job, and sure enough, this is what all parents want. 

Honestly speaking, when the parents and guardians don't shoulder the responsibility, things won't be better in school; they may be worse. After all, children reflect on what they learn at home. Our society and parents are so engrossed and preoccupied with their so-called work or their extravagant cell phones that they have too little or no time for their kids and parenting. They can no longer exert their authority. They forget that saying a 'sorry' or a 'thank-you' is learned at home, not in school. Schools only reinforce the values learnt at home.

And when they go wrong, which they often do, teachers and the schools become scapegoats. 

What a tragedy, what a shame!

- Soham Anand, Dehra Dun, India. Originally posted on Facebook for friends and teachers.

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