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A Lesson on Courage and Patience 

Once upon a time, a schoolteacher named Mr Rajesh and a young student named Ishan lived in a small town. Ishan was kind-hearted but had a difficulty that often scared him – he couldn't write as nicely as his classmates did. His letters were often messy, and he struggled to form words properly.

One day, during a writing exercise, Ishaan's frustration peaked. He stared at his paper, tears welling up in his eyes. Mr Rajesh noticed his distress and approached him with a warm smile.

"Hey there, Ishaan! Don't worry. Writing takes time and practice. I'm here to help you," Mr Rajesh said gently.

"But it's so hard, Mr Rajesh," Ishaan replied, his voice filled with disappointment.

Mr Rajesh placed a reassuring hand on Ishaan's shoulder. "I understand, Ishaan. But remember, everyone learns at their own pace. Let's take it one step at a time."

And so, Mr Rajesh patiently began to guide Ishaan through the process of writing. They practised forming letters, spelling words, and crafting sentences. It wasn't always easy for Ishaan, but Mr Rajesh always kept his patience. He offered encouragement and praised Ishaan's efforts, no matter how small.

As weeks passed, Ishaan's writing began to improve gradually. The lines on his paper became neater, and he felt more confident in expressing himself through words. His classmates noticed the positive change, too and praised his progress.

One day, the school held a writing competition. Ishaan was nervous, but Mr Rajesh believed in him. "You've come so far, Ishaan. Just do your best," he said.

Ishaan poured his heart into his writing. He didn't worry about winning; he simply wanted to express himself. When the results were announced, it turned out that Ishaan had won the competition! He couldn't believe it.

"I won, Mr. Rajesh! I won!" Ishaan exclaimed, beaming with joy.

Mr Rajesh congratulated him with a warm smile. "I knew you could do it, Ishaan. You've worked hard, and your patience paid off."

From that day on, Ishaan continued to improve his writing skills, but more importantly, he learned the value of patience, courage and perseverance. He realised he could overcome any difficulty with patience, courage, support, and a determined spirit.

How to develop courage and patience: 

1. Never give up easily.

2. Take challenges. 

3. Set your priorities.

4. Understand that Fear is just in your mind.

5. Only Courage, Patience and dedication can take you to the top of the world.

Prakriti @ RPK School Moradabad
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