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Freedom and Peace  

Part A  

Freedom sets us free from the shackles of being controlled by others and lets us think and act according to our will. There are some instances where I remember that as a student more freedom would have helped me to achieve my goals efficiently and realize my potential in a better way. 

First, the academic pattern in my school was very stiff and rigid, students were supposed to work in circles of that predetermined pattern only, and more freedom in that case would have led to making me a more confident person than I am today. Second, I believe that academics and exams are part of schooling, the whole schooling is not based on these two.

There are other aspects as well that were neglected when I was a student. Children were not free to share their feelings, fears and emotions with the teachers as more emphasis was on performing better in class. So if I had this freedom to be transparent with my teachers or if I had emotionally available teachers, today I would not feel the need to heal my inner child while dealing with the ups and downs of life. 

Third, favouritism and partiality were something that faded out the shine of many. Equal chance to speak out and freedom of participation in discussions and class activities were absent due to which till a certain age I was doubtful and unconscious about my potential. 

Today I understand these things better and I have built myself way stronger and confident so I do not feel or face such circumstances as much. And I try my best not to repeat such blunders with my students. 

Part B

What is it about human behaviour, according to you, that causes people to give up peace and adopt violence? How do you think the classroom can be used to shape peace-loving individuals? 

People give up peace and adopt violence because of multiple reasons. 

1. To talk about a few, the first reason is a lack of patience in people that leads to a lack of tolerance and in turn they move towards the wrong path of violence and harsh behaviour and in turn, they lose their own peace.  

2. The second reason would be a lack of basic necessities of life. It happens that people are not able to earn and get proper resources that are needed to survive due to lack of a proper job (occupation)/ lack of money and there can be a variety of reasons for the same. 

In this scenario, they are forced to adopt the wrong path of snatching or taking things forcibly from others which leads to violence. Such acts don’t help an individual for long and the results are grave. 

3. Lack of proper guidance and education - When people or individuals are uneducated and don’t have proper guidance, they are clueless and shortcuts seem to be the easy way out rather than studying and earning their bread. 

4. One reason might be inheritance or they have seen such behaviour or activities in their family. In particular, youngsters learn and imitate their elders and are quite vulnerable to being attracted by wrong actions. 

The classroom is the best and first place after home to inculcate basic qualities in an individual like patience, honesty, helpful behaviour, compassion etc. In this regard, what the students need to learn is Patience. Patience is the key to being at peace and satisfied in life. Activities can be conducted in class, teaching a child how to be patient. 

If you are not getting something you have to try patiently, keep working towards it and don’t start panicking and complaining.  

We have to teach our students that life is not a piece of cake and we don’t get everything easily. The importance of Hard work and consistency has to be taught and inculcated in the students. 

Firm belief in God- The superpower is one of the integral ways to stay calm and at peace. We have to teach our students that we have to believe in destiny and that things will fall our way with the right efforts and at the right time. We can only get something before the destined time and more than what we deserve.

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