Power 2 Be

Context and Objectives: 
A pedagogy based on Bhairavi Jani’s book Highway to Swades – Rediscovering India’s Superpowers. This curriculum aims to acclimatise young adults in schools and individuals across the world to India’s rich history and civilisation and its present and future opportunities as a nation. The method is an immersive method of learning, where the child leads the process of knowledge facilitated by the book (s), expert facilitation and collective learning and sharing.
Learning Modules
The learning modules are divided into twelve 40-minute sessions every month online and/or in person. Each module is a deep dive into one civilisational Power of the people of India, as described in Jani’s book. 
The Book
Bhairavi is a firm believer in entrepreneurial ecosystems that create livelihood opportunities. She dedicates much of her time, expertise and philanthropy to the cause and has been committed to it for the past decade. In 2014 Bhairavi drove 18,181 km. Across India to gather information on peoples’ choices and views for entrepreneurship, livelihood and development. Travelling for 51 days with her team,
Bhairavi visited 102 locations and conducted 3000 plus interviews of Indians from all walks of life. Co-creating sustainable livelihoods for communities in the higher Himalayas is a mission close to her heart.
Power 2 B program is a vast and profound learning experience that immerses members in inquiry and problem-­based learning models. Modules use collective reading, discussion and action-oriented exercises to create a wholesome experience. 

The Program is open for all - students, teachers, passionate educators and anyone - from 9 to 90 years and beyond, as we will together build young India

The ideal size for one Cohort is 25 members. The Program is one year long, we meet monthly with weekly follow-up and support sessions. The Sessions are hosted on Google Meet on Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm 🇮🇳.

How do I sign up?
Course Fees are Rupees 1100.00 per month for individuals; and Rs 25000.00 per month for schools and groups.

Program Hosts
Bhairavi Jani and Sandeep Dutt

The link to the payment gateway:

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