APF Trustees support Updated Strategy 2011

A strategy to Equip for life 100,000 Young Indians aged 14 – 25 by 2013

1. Work for YES (youth engaging society)– to facilitate build up of Volunteers and encourage the participation of youth in the 14 - 25 age groups.

2. Programme inclusion by enrolling more students from vernacular / government schools, from the current near 400 largely private sector schools. 
3. Raise the annual enrollments for the program to a total of 100,000 in Year 3 of the plan.

Partner with other NGOs, Volunteer groups and the business community and work on our  CSR of Cherish, Service and Relationship.

Youth Engaging Society (YES)
The Award works for youth engaging society and the YES Centre model gives a new direction; for the first time the Programme is now available to the 14-25 age groups in addition.

YES centres not only trains Award Leaders, they also house a chapter of the
Award Holders’ Association and supports the office with good volunteer support.
In addtion serve as model Award Units and train young people. 

Young people in the 14-25 age groups who wish to take up the challenge, and do not have access to an Award Centre / registered School or College, may enroll with the nearest YES Centre.

Over 2000 young people are participating in the Special Projects programme on an equal footing.Year 2010, a renewed focus and the launch of the YES (Youth Engaging Society), has helped us double the number of Special Projects. In 2011 alone more than 1000 fresh entrants will join us.

The IAYP team will promote, provide and preserve the Award Programme in India.

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