JG International, Ahmedabad

The National Director Sandeep Dutt was the Chief Guest for the Annual Day.

JG International School, Ahmedabad is a seven year old, day boarding school affiliated to CISCE and CIE, Cambridge.  The school is a new entrant to IAYP but the manner in which students work in various fields is akin to preparing for all the categories of the award scheme.
The school has a good balance of academics and co-curricular activities.  Therefore, physical recreation, skill development and social service activities go on hand in hand.  One of the strongest aspects of training in school is in the area of social service.  One unique feature any visitor to school would notice is the enthusiasm with which students clear their tables after each meal.  In turns, students put away crockery and cutlery, leftover food and wipe the table clean.  In the afternoon session it is a common sight to see students engage in a buddy reading programme.  This is an effort to increase the standard of reading across the school.  One group of students did a class project wherein they visited the blind school to find out how the visually challenged, learn.  They found out that the teachers there had difficulty explaining certain concepts.  So after they came back to school they brainstormed and came up with an idea to help these students.  With some advice and suggestions from their teachers they created three dimensional models to teach complicated concepts like atomic structure and the periodic table.  They presented these aids to the Blind school.  The Blind school teachers are now putting them to good use.  This project won the Design for Change contest – a global movement to sensitize children to bring about a change in society. Children of this school have also adopted a municipal school as part of their contribution so the activities of Yuva unstoppable and are rated as the most sensitive and helpful schools in Ahmedabad.
Besides service students pursue games regularly and also have atleast two hours of skill training per week.  The school offer a wide variety of skills from which students can choose.
The first batch of Bronze Awardees are working towards receiving their medals.

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