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Today we seem to be prescribing 'dot com' solutions for every challenge! It is best we look at SchoolEducation.Com with a new lens. Over the years we have had schools and good schools, how does one move schools from 'good to great'?

EBD's new school management company is there to help and even handhold schools, by enabling them with process, training and finding solutions to help them do whatever they are doing in a better way. The key focus of the company is partnering with existing schools and institutions to offer 'affordable quality education'. This is no run of the mill consulting or a design enterprise, a unique company with the specific goal of not putting additional burden on the school budget, but enabling them to use their resource better.

The best way to deliver quality education and bring about the personal and social development of an individual is by empowering young people to follow their passion. The education process today is built on the 4S formula and comprises Study, Skill, Sports and Service. The CBSE, CISCE and most of the national boards all are now adding skills and activity beyond the class room to their curriculum. This is where 'The YES Way' introduced by EBD will help you use your existing resources to meet the aspirations of the youth.
    We bring together all the stakeholders to help deliver quality education. Today beyond the school, the community, business, government and even peers help strengthen the education process. The need for SchoolEducation.Com is much more than being a highway to communicate. We go the extra mile to help connect as then only will you move on to collaborate and finally to create.

    Our focus is to create solutions within shoestring budgets, and thus we consider ourselves special - not a big consulting, but a small boutique to offer custom made solutions.

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