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Social Media Marketing

Avignyata Inc.- Social Media Marketing 
Avignyata Inc. isn't the usual corporate office- here we sit in a room with movie posters, access FB and Twitter all day, order in, download apps, play on the XBox and Kinect, but still reach a milestone in number of fans and evoke a lot of response from the fans. Easy going, yet professional and committed towards our work!
Avignyata Inc. is a Social Media Marketing Consultancy founded in 2007 by Moksh Juneja and Daksh Juneja with the aim to create awareness of a brand on social networks. From being a 2 member team in 2007, it has grown into one with a task force of over 30 people.
With the growth on the internet as a medium of information exchange increasing daily, Avignyata understands the need for organizations, individuals and brands to have a presence on social media. With each client, they identify unique and effective trends and employ these trends to engage with the users over an interactive platform based on feedback, reviews and constructive criticism.
It doesn’t end here. Their comprehensive services also allow you to zero-in on potential customers, key areas of activity and check out where the buzz is created, listen to what users have to say about your brand and much more.

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