Humility is a virtue that everyone should possess. Educators need to be humble if they want their students to listen to them. In our human life when we have something immediately pride, vanity and many other undefined forces enter into us. We extol ourselves to the skies. We feel that we are the superior most. We start looking down on our fellow beings and also many times hurt their feelings.

Have you ever seen a tree? When the tree is in full bloom laden with fruits it always bows down to offer you its fruits. The whole tree stands upright due to its roots which firmly go deep down in the earth. This is the humbleness which we human beings should show. There have been many great men like Mr George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc who even after attaining a high post were very humble. They never had a speck of pride in them and this was their greatness.

Ms Bharti Rao narrating the
story to the children at School
Kings like Harishchandra have been so humble that to fulfil the oath of a sage, he left his kingdom and separated from his wife and child. When pride diminishes and disappears humility increases and looms large. An educator should always remember and understand the fact that one may know a great deal, but one may not know everything. One needs to possess the value of humility and should be willing to learn from others whether they be their students, parents or colleagues

The pursuit of humility once we properly understand, yields to better relationships and faster growth. You should always treat everyone with respect irrespective of their age, job and that he is as worthy and important as oneself. An effective teacher is one who is a humble person. I end this article by quoting the words of Sir Chinmoy “The strength of Pride must eventually surrender to the power of humility.”     

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School, Bali

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