Happiness is an inner feeling of contentment and joy. Without this, our life would be empty and dull. Each one has a different meaning of happiness. For some, it would mean making ourselves happy, while for some others it means making others happy. Somebody gets happiness through success, peace of mind, fulfilling one’s own desire, while some others get happiness by helping others in work, or by helping the needy, or any stranger like helping a blind person to cross the road, feeding the hungry, etc.

To be happy one must keep the following points in mind:

  • Know Yourself: If you know - what you want, what you have, how to get anything, then you will be content with what you have and never be sad.
  • Be Empathetic and Understanding Towards Others: If you have qualities like sympathy, empathy, and understanding, then it will be easier to understand others feeling and actions and that will help one to be happy.
  • Help the Needy: When you help those people who are in need of help without their asking, then this gives you happiness as you realize that your little help can bring your smile to another face.
  • Caring and Sharing: By sharing and caring for your family, relatives and friends you can get happiness as your close ones are happy then you automatically become happy.
  • Love Everyone and Learn to Forgive and Forget: If you love everyone you will never have hatred in your heart. If someone hurts and you forgive them, then there is no chance of bitter feeling coming in your mind and heart, so you will always be happy.
  • Praise Yourself and Others: Whenever you do something good then praise yourself and also celebrate it. In the same manner, if others do something good for you, praise them. This will give you happiness.

If you follow the above steps then you are sure to happy in your life.

- PRERNA RATHOD, The Fabindia School
Email prd4fab@gmail.com

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