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Parker Palmer gives out a very strong message about the intricacies of the process of teaching for the teachers who are involved in the process of nation-building. Palmer advocates that a good teacher requires self-knowledge i.e. a sufficient and in-depth knowledge about the subject he/she ought to teach. This is because in the entire process of teaching and learning, it is the subject which is the most important part and both the teacher and the students are placed around it.

Palmer says that web-based learning should be introduced which connects the teacher, student and the subject in a more efficient manner rather than a top-down unidirectional model. The teacher should avoid the courage model and go for a fractional knowledge. The most important thing required is that education should be progressive and holistic. The teacher should aim to avoid the possibility of apparent differences between the methodology employed in teaching and the educational perspective and for achieving the best output a good teacher should look for ways to connect with student, subject and even colleagues because it is a powerful strategy to advance the entire learning process and a little effort in this direction can do great and insightful justice in the life of a teacher and the student equally.

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Ajay Vijayvargi, Dean Learning Forward at The Fabindia School, avi4fab@gmail.com

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