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Bharti Rao: The greatest obstacle that I overcame

Failure is one of the biggest challenge one faces in one's life. Self-doubt and depression are the resulting factors of failures. People when fail they believe that it is their weakness and they can never overcome their weakness. Some of us accept shortcomings as a part of our life and these people can never move on in their life. But there is always someone who acts as a supporter during this time of stress.
I remember those days when I finished my graduation and got married. I shifted from a city to a village and it was just different from the environment in which I was born and brought up. I felt sad and dejected. I felt my life and career had finished. I had fallen to the ground. The constant encouragement from my parents,  my husband and my father-in-law helped me to build up my self- confidence. I reflected on all my experiences and strengths I began to reconnect myself to the person I used to be.I regained my identity and belief in myself.
I decided to start my career as a teacher once again. I applied in The Fabindia School and was selected as the teacher there. The first day when I was standing at the Bus Stop I was stared at by many eyes. There were many questions flying from left, right that 'Where are you going? Why are you boarding this school bus? and what not." It was really a very uncomfortable moment. I was the target of everyone's hot talk in society.
I decided that now I will not give up and face everyone bravely. I ignored the comments that they passed. That was the day I learned to 'dig deep' and found the strength to get back up.  I then did my B.Ed. and completed my post graduation. Now I had regained my self-confidence so I moved on and achieved my goal. 
Since then I have always been able to pull through difficult situations and stick with things that are hard. I have made my conscious choice never to give up and work hard. Hard Work and confidence always leads to success.
Bharti Rao/ Educator

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