Reading- A Thirst of Knowledge: Bharti Rao

What is Reading? Reading is a means for language, communication, sharing ideas and information. Reading books help you to increase your knowledge and look smarter. Reading helps you to grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Every book that we read gives us an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas.

Parents are a child’s first teacher. They can inculcate the habit of reading from home itself by using simple things and share the joy of reading. Language is no barrier to reading. To inculcate reading in a child we can start with their mother tongue. Listening helps a child to create an interest in reading. To create interest in reading in students you need to start by reading aloud. Children are always excited when they start reading and beginners are always eager to do anything themselves.
Start by reading aloud for that always affects a kids brain which will boost the child’s reading skills. Then help the student to read by finger point reading and always prompt the child when he gets stuck. Allow a child to read at his pace. Activities can be planned to identify letters, sounds and words in kids to create interest in Reading. Reading is important for kids because it will help them to enhance their reading skills which will help them to improve their communication skill. Reading helps us to build our vocabulary and enhances thinking and understanding skills. If you read you understand which helps you to know if you know something you learn something which helps you to achieve success.
A child who is fond of reading books and enjoys reading is not only good at languages but is good in all subjects. Reading leads to curiosity and so the kids start questioning. Schools give importance to reading and so they carry out various activities to strengthen and develop reading in students.  
Bharti Rao

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