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Kaushal Singh: Backbenchers’- makers of their own destiny

We are in the modern era and our skills are the major sources of our survival. We always categorise people according to their learning, thinking level and according to their adapting ability. We want to change this curbing situation. We want to provide a child with multiple opportunities that he/she excel themselves. Our school education is the first step which provides the child with skill-based learning where they experience by doing. Educators in the classroom are able to recognise the multiple skills of the students and of a child are proffered with the platform to traverse their skill or talent. It is a myth that backbenchers would not create history.

The famous quote by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam proves a point - “The best brains of the nation are found in the last benches of the classroom”.

Sitting in the last row and being in the backbenches does not mean that you are not involved in gaining knowledge all the time, but if a student sits in the backbench and never listens to what is going on, that’s a trouble. The backbenchers enjoy a lot but at the same time, they learn more than the first bench. The thinking level and creativity of backbenchers are always having high IQ than that of first benchers. They just need the right direction to move on for a better future. The first benchers are reading history. 

We agree with the statement of Bill Gates that “If you want to pass ask first bench students but if you want to gain success ask the last bench students”. At the same time, last benchers are creating history by curving their benches with memories. 

- Kaushal Singh, Caring Icons, The Iconic School Bhopal

Her point of view -  Chapter 1 of Kavita Ghosh's book, as a part of the Level II for the Learning Forward India PLP. Explains the role of a contemporary teacher.

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