Reading – A Must: Prerna Rathod

Reading is an essential part of our learning. It helps us to understand others views, keeps us update on topics of past, present or future. It also enhances our personality. It helps us to express our views to others or keep our point of view in front of others. It will help us to gain fluency of the language. It increases our confidence level.

Reading can be done in any language in which we are comfortable. This habit should be inculcated right from our childhood. To start with, parents can read to their children aloud in their mother tongue some small stories. This will give the child to listen attentively and he/she will be able to grasp the correct pronunciation of words and thus he/she will always use it properly. If poems are read to the child with the proper way of expressions they will learn to express themselves very nicely. A child’s mind is able to pick up anything you read or show to them very quickly. Thus, this will sharpen their memory and one thing is for sure they will never forget it throughout their life.

Learning is a never-ending process and reading is one of the basic steps in learning. Reading is necessary for individuals irrespective of his/her age. Parents must set an example for children by keeping a habit of reading daily. Once the child goes to school, then it is the responsibility of the teacher to keep continuing the habit of reading. At first, the teacher should read aloud and then with time the students can be given to do reading under the supervision of the teacher. Reading in school by teachers and by parents at home will make the child think and ask questions to clear his/her doubts.  

Reading aloud makes the children feel that they are cared for both by parents and teachers. Once the child develops an interest in reading he/she can take it as a hobby. So, reading will be continued through his/her life.
Prerna Rathod
Educator: The Fabindia School 

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