Reading: A Healthy Diet for Mind: Monika Vaishnav

Everyone should develop a habit of reading because it is a habit which provides you with a  lot of knowledge. It can help you survive and handle different situations in life.

When you read your mind becomes peaceful and at that time, you create a peaceful environment for the people around you. When you read, you engross in your own world.

Reading is more about inner satisfaction rather than outer.  It is like food for the mind to feed it with knowledge, patience and joy. A healthy diet makes our body healthy, the same way reading makes our mind healthy. Reading increases our vocabulary and improves pronunciation. The teachers should take their children to the library to create a culture of reading and parents also should put their efforts to read and make their children read at home too.

Our surroundings have an impact on us, so if we elders do not read and do not create such an environment for them, the children will not show their interest in reading. So, if we want to develop any good habits in our children, we must develop it in ourselves first.

When you read anything, you definitely think about it like whether it is logical or not, whether you agree with the content or not, so it makes you a thinker. When you start thinking about something, you develop your own views, thoughts and opinions. Hence, reading gives you freedom of thinking and makes your mind-independent.

Reading explores the whole world to you, it can make you feel what is not happening around you, it can take you to the place where haven't gone ever. It helps you imagine beyond the materialistic world. We not only gain knowledge by reading but also gain values and become well being in life.

Libraries play a main role in developing the habit of reading because it has treasurer of knowledge as they have a variety of books there. One can choose the book of his own interest. People should read books in whichever language they are comfortable and they love to read. Reading gives you more ideas and different view about anything and that makes us more creative in life. When the habit of reading becomes your hobby, you can gain more than before. It helps you to lead and become capable to take the decisions in life. 
 Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School, Bali

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