Hope - Saloni Grover

 The world out there beckons to me,

Whichever way I look there is pain and misery.

Injustice, suspicion, distrust lurks behind,

Every face is a mask, a true friend is hard to find.

Disheartened, discontented, disillusioned

I do not know where to go...

With tears in my eyes and my heart beating with uncertainity,

I tell myself; let the river of time flow.

I want to scream, make myself heard,

Be fearless, unflustered, soar like a bird.

There is something that holds me back with force,

Pins me to the ground, there is sorrow and remorse.

Not knowing what to do

I submit and surrender to fate

Accustomed to sorrow, soon I will be, solitude will be my soulmate.

A bright flash of light makes my heart skip a beat,

And what do I see, Hope herself comes knocking and drops a smile at my feet. Is that a dream, an illusion or destiny’s new trick.

I turn around, warmth and love comes flowing from every window and brick. There is song that echoes in the air,

Tells me to open the doors of my heart and cheer.

The wave of time washes away my wounds,

Soothes the scars,

There is a new moon that shines bright, a new sunrise is not far.

Saloni Grover
Gyanshree School

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